Welcome to my commission shop! I primarily like to draw in a cel-shaded anime style with bold lineart and colours, but I also offer chibi styles and sketchy styles. Thank you for considering my art, and have a great day!


Commissions are available on a "maybe" basis at this time. If you're interested, contact me with your project idea and I'll let you know if I can fit it in!

To order a commission, please contact me via:

PaperTsubaki's OC Kira

Terms of Service

By ordering a commission from me, you agree to the following terms:

  • I won't start the drawing until I have received payment. Once your order is confirmed, I'll send you a Paypal invoice. (For large orders, we can work out a half-and-half payment plan.)

  • I will send you a sketch before I finalize the drawing. You can ask me to make any changes you'd like at this stage. After that, I'll only make minor edits.

  • I usually finish commissions within two weeks, but just in case, my maximum turnaround time is one month. (This is mostly because art isn't my full-time job!) If any sort of personal emergency comes up that might delay your commission, you will be the first to know.

  • No refunds once I have started working unless I have to cancel the commission for any reason.

  • Let me know if you want me to keep the commission private. Otherwise, I may post it on my art blog and Twitter.

  • Feel free to make minor edits to your commission (cropping, adding text, filters) but please ask me before making any major changes.

  • Please provide credit wherever you post the image online, and do not post it to any art websites like Deviantart.

  • You cannot use your commission for commercial purposes without speaking to me first — we can work out a commercial use fee.

Will Draw

  • OCs

  • Canon characters (including OCxCanon)

  • Humans/humanoids of any gender

  • Romantic relationships involving any gender(s)

  • Armour (though there may be an extra charge if it's very complex)

  • Real people if you have their written permission

Personal strengths and favourite subjects include...

  • Bright and colourful palettes

  • Flowing hair/lines

  • Fantasy characters

  • Lighting effects (these are free, so just ask! I will do nighttime, sunset, colourful light/shadow, etc)

Won't Draw

  • Feral/anthro/ponies (I can add on small animal companions, but I'm not confident enough in my animal art for it to be the focus of the picture!)

  • Nudity/NSFW (mild suggestiveness is fine if both you and your character are 18+)

  • Anything fetish-related, even if there's no nudity in the picture

  • Incestuous or inappropriate age-gap pairings

  • Intense gore (some blood is fine)

  • Mecha/heavy machinery

  • Any OC that plagiarizes somebody else's character

  • Anything hateful or discriminatory in nature

I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason.

Standard Style

Smooth, bold lineart, bright colours, and cel shading.

Bust: $30 USD

Half-Body: $40 USD

Full-Body: $50 USD

Xenological's OC

Sketchy Style

Sketchy lineart, simple colouring, and a plain white or simple background.

Headshot: $12 USD

Bust: $18 USD

Half-Body: $24 USD

Full-Body: $35 USD

Chibi: $18 USD (see proportion example below)

ScraftyDevil's OCs

Chibi Style

Adorable, simplified proportions, smooth lineart, and cel shading.

Icon (Headshot): $15 USD

Half-Body: $20 USD

Full-Body: $28 USD

My OC Rika, designed by StarSheeps

Pricing Notes

  • For each extra character in the image, add 75% of the base price. (Icons and headshots are individual characters only.)

  • Requests for complex designs, poses, or backgrounds may incur an extra charge, which I will discuss with you prior to sending a Paypal invoice.

  • If you want something other than what's listed on this page, just ask me about it! I'm quite flexible. :)

  • For game art inquiries, please contact me with more details and I can provide a quote! I am willing to provide a discount if you're ordering a large number of character portraits.